Why BenRi

Operational Excellence is the road to lower your costs. There are however many theories and models available which promise you that result. For example; LEAN Six Sigma, BPM, Scrum, Balanced scorecard or ISO, the list sems endless. They are just means to a cause . . . Change will be successfull when you know and understand which theory or model can be best executed for your company. Your own navigationsystem and blueprint create a clear picture. That secures a weighted choice with which everybody can execute  SIMPLE. BenRi will provide you the tailored navigation system and will help you to create the blueprint that fits you best!

Operational excellence is the trust of all constituants (employees, customers, shareholders, society) in your company. They know what to expect and they know what they will get. Quality recognition or certificaten will thus be the result of all your actions instead of the goal. It doesn’t matter which tools or methods you use it matters how you use them.

We will simply help you with our knowledge and expertise and your success is our goal!

We believe that everybody has a talent. That talent is developed by asking questions and making mistakes, simply doing it. Simply has multiple meanings. We use the first three in the dictionary: plainly; unaffectedly; sincerely; Just be yourself and and thrive for win-win in all your relations. If they are based on mutual respect, understanding for personal perspective and talent, every common goal is a pleasure to achieve. The desired goal will be a result of all actions instead of a target.
You’l find this back in our values S-I-M-P-L-E.

Meaning of Benri:

Japan has had great influence on modern quality management within companies (LEAN Six Sigma). In our search for a name for the company we found the Japanese word BenRi.
In Japanes BenRi means: “useful; handy; convenient; management;” For us the decision was easily made, BenRi is also the combination of our first names.