Simple Tailored

Joined the Rainmengroup

Starting January 2016 BenRi joined forces with the Rainmengroup. We call ourselves ‘Rainmakers’. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” We (pro-) actively tap into each others talents to better serve our customers and learn from each others experience(s)

Every company is unique and thats why we have a tailored approach. We will start with your company’s status quo and we will help you to achieve your next milestone. By helping you simple with what you seem fit. Not because it is simple but we have defined seven values that comprise SIMPLE


Desired State design and construct the future results. Taking in cosideration all stakeholders, attention for processes, Leadership and the way the people work together. the goals will then have significance and mean the same to all involved.
We will visualise your current status with regards to ‘grip on quality’ We will look at the current proces- and qualitymanagement. How do you do it and with whom do you accomplish your targets.
In full cooperation with the team responsible for change we will make an operational growth plan The plan will describe all neccessary actions from the GAP analysis to achieve the desired state. Together we decide on, priority, urgency and feasibility of the actions to create an optimaal change. The change plan will be integrated in de corporate planning cycle to create an integrated operational plan.
Visualising and defining the gap between current- and desired status with a GAP-analysis. Together with you we will build a Quality Management System and a customer tailored process model. Together we decide which models, means, tools and systems will be implemented to achieve the desired results for all constituants.
People react to change in different ways. We will investigate the effect of the change and how it influenced the expectations of all constituants. We deliver ‘on the job coaching’ to make sure you stay on ‘track’ in the growth process. With returning regular audits we can check if the continuous change cyclus are still contributing to the succes of the company.
We guide the implementation of the plan and we can contribute to or manage the communication for the chosen changes on all levels. We advise on how the newly chosen work method can be integrated in the existing management structure.

Customer Tailored Solutions

BenRi utilizes the best practices of the several methode and tools. We learn new ways of consulting every day and there are always new methods and theories that inspire and deliver new insights. We look at your problemstatement and BenRi makes a selection of the best useable workingmethods or tools to achieve your specific goals. This is how BenRi will present you with a customer tailored solution. We can perform:

On the job coaching
Ad interim assignments