How can BenRi help

BenRI can help you in different ways. We are convinced that achieving a target or goal can be done if you are intrinsically motivated. For achieving your company targets we will investigate a collective goal. Thats our startingpoint. To help you achieve that goal we will support with training, on-the-job coaching, interim management and projectmanagement.

BenRi uses the steps, outlined below, as a guideline for succesfull delivery of the assignment. But you decide which kind of support you preferably want to receive. Together we will create a relevant projectplan and choose which method suits you and the assignment the best! Thats how BenRi can help.

1. Define the assignment

How can BenRi help and what are the milestones after BenRi has delivered the results

A non-committal interview between BenRi and Client

2. Working together towards a common goal

BneRi will help you formulate the target milestones. Taking in account all stakeholders and with attention to the processes, the leadership and the way everybody works together. We design a common goal that everybody understands in the same way.

Data Analysis

3. Visualize the Status Quo

BenRi will visualise the status quo related to the control on ‘quality’. We will look at the results of the chosen conduct of business. How do you achieve what with whom?

Quick Scans
Data Analysis
Internal Audits

4. GAP analysis

Through GAP analysis we define the distance between current and targetted performance.

BenRi will visualise and present the GAP,
all with the clients wishes in view and in agreement.

5. Present proposal for a navigationsystem and a blueprint

The GAP analysis will provide insight in how to best use a ‘navigation system’ (qualitymanagement system). We will create a blueprint (procesmodel) and help you build an organisation that will achieve the targetted performance and results

BenRi will propose a model navigation system and a proces model that fits the needs of the organisation. We will adjust together.

6. Growth plan

We create a detailed project plan that targets the desired status quo. The plan will contain all elements needed to achieve the targetted performance and results. Together we decide on priority, urgency and feasibility of all the actions. We will integrate all actions in all layers of the organisation.

Tailored approach in communication with the client.

7. Learning by doing

BenRi will participate in the execution of the plan through; on the job coaching, workshops and training.

Tailored approach in communication with the client.