Change Management

The original meaning of the old French word ‘changer’ was ‘bend’ or ‘turn’ like a tree or a whine bush to get maximum sunshine. The idea that change is a continuĆ¼m is as old as Heraclitus, 500 years AD, and is still true.

The word change has a different meaning within different companies and organisations. Often the implication is that things have to be different. For example: re-organisation, re-structuring or implementing new methods.

Because BenRi believes that continuous change is a fundamental principle of your organisation. We’d like to use the term ‘Growth’ instead of change. Customer satisfaction growth, revenue growth, employee’s growth.

Many employees are tired of change but are reluctant to admit because changes are often initiated by management and board. To BenRi’s belief, employees are never to tired to grow.

There is far less resistance from employees who are motivated and stimulated to grow. Even without ambition people like to be praised for what they do. So if you allow them to grow, make mistakes and learn to do a better job, they will start working from intrinsical motivation. Change will become a new challenge instead of falling into a new regime.