Bettina Simdorn | Founder and CEO

Working for Disneyland Paris I made it from ‘doorman’ to (smallworld) manager. Finished a post graduate MBA for the labour market. Managed a TQM department for Kelly Services, implemented Operational Excellence company wide. Digitizing the back office off an international staffing agency, created and implemented inhouse services for Olympia. I’m a seasoned coach and experienced consultant, successfull by SIMPLY doing.

Bettina’s passion for quality and succes originates from working at Disneyland Paris where she started her career in 1992. ‘Make dreams come true’ was their slogan and the entire company was focussed on customer satisfaction. From ‘doorman’ to (smallworld) manager, responsible for 100 man, she met all layers in the company and experienced Operational Excellence and how to create that. With the post graduate MBA the match with theory was made. As mentioned, the TQM (Total Quality Management) position and the digitizing assignment, amongst other things, brought me here. I want to share my experience and spread my knowledge with companies to excel in Operational Excellence and companies who want to increase the customers and other constituants’ expectations, in order to achieve their goals. It is not an ‘easy ride’ but it is possible by SIMPLY doing.

Being a consultant and coach, specialised in quality management and proces management, I’m fascinatie with success and even more how companies can be succesfull. Mijn My vision: compassies can be successfull with operational excellence incorporated in their DNA.

Being a Human I’d like to ‘make dreads come true’ that’s my passion, that’s why I founded BenRi.

Bettina Simdorn