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Management Consultancy, Support & Coaching. Specialized in Quality-, Proces- and Changemanagement.

With What

BenRi wil help you to be successfull. There are many definitions of success. We think succes is achieving pre set goals. Not only financial targets but more specifically customer satisfaction and retention, ... Read More


BenRI can help you in different ways. We are convinced that achieving a target or goal can be done if you are intrinsically motivated. For achieving your company targets we will investigate a ... Read More

Why BenRi

Operational Excellence is the road to lower your costs. There are however many theories and models available which promise you that result. For example; LEAN Six Sigma, BPM, Scrum, Balanced scorecard or ISO ... Read More

Simple Tailored

Every company is unique and thats why we have a tailored approach. We will start with your company's status qua and we will help you achieving your next milestone. By helping you simple with what you seem fit ... Read More

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Operational Excellence, destination to be succesfull?

ISO 9001:2015 is now released
since September 2015.

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